Diamond Heights is a celebrity style venue on the PS2 version of The Urbz. You can unlock it by completing Cozmo Steet. If you complete Diamond Heights, you can unlock South Side Bridge.

The VenueEdit

The venue of Diamond Heights is a fashion district, it is located at top of several high buildings and connected with bridges. The job you can get simoleons on is being a Model. You have to press the buttons (X,O and square). The second level of the job needs 10 body skill, and the third level needs 20 body skill and 20 art skill.

  1. level 1 = $ 300
  2. level 2 = $ 900
  3. level 3 = $ 2.750


  • Diva Roma
  • Cash Monet
  • Pootie Fads
  • Sophie Couture
  • Babbette Couture


The Catwalk is an unlockable club in Diamond Heights. If you have the right amount of reputation and the right style of clothing, you'll be allowed in there. It includes a TV, 2 loveseats, a sofa, a drink machine, and a buffet table.

Preferred Social MovesEdit

Euro Kiss, Paparazzi Pop, Snap Shot (form Pootie), Striptease, Vogue(from Sophie)

District RelationshipEdit

what is district relationship?

Likes : Cozmo Street, South Side Bridge

Dislikes : Gasoline Row, Kicktail Park, The Foundry

Liked by : Cozmo Street, South Side Bridge

Dislikes by : The Foundry, Central Station, Gasoline Row, Kicktail Park