Neon East is a Japanese style venue on the PS2 version of The Urbz. You can unlock it by completing The Foundry. If you complete Neon East, you'll lead to Cozmo Street where the Black Eyed Peas hang out.

The VenueEdit

The venue of Neon East is a near parody of China Town. A colourful city full of Japanese, friendly Urbz. The job you can get simoleons on is Sushi making. You have to press the codes (X,O and square). You have to watch your hygiene and sleep. You can earn a maximum amout of $520. Also, if you complete the first step of sushi making, you can unlock a Greet social move in Cozmo Street called Hug. And if you socialize with Venus Moonflower, you can get an Act Friendly social called Holo Xam and if you socialize with Professor Chewy, you can unlock a Greet social called Game On.

The PulseEdit

The Pulse is an unlockable club in Neon East. If you have the right amount of reputation and the right style of clothing, you'll be allowed in there. The main object in The Pulse is the tower of music. It also includes 2 benches.