South Side Bridge is an unlockable venue on the PS2 version of The Urbz: Sims In The City.

The venue and the job.Edit

The venue of South Side Bridge is like a parody of Las Vegas. A gambling city full of rich, stuck-up snobs. The job you can do to get simoleons is a Fireworks Creator. You have to press all the codes right (X O and square) then sabotage the opponents machine. You can get up to a maximum amount of $520.

The 'Lucky 6 Casino'Edit

The 'Lucky 6 Casino' is an unlockable club in South Side Bridge. If you have to have the reputation and the right style of clothes to enter. Inside the Lucky 6 Casino you can find a toilet, drink bar and about 4 gambling tables.


There are goals as well. These are all of them.

Build enough reputation to unlock Skyline Beach.

Get past the bouncer to enter The Lucky Six.

Beat the Junior Pyro job.

Beat the Pyrotechnician job.

Beat the Master Pyro job.

Unlock a South Side Bridge social move from Pamela Sneer. (Gamble)

Unlock a South Side Bridge social move from Jimmy Two-Shoes. (Firecracker Dance)

Beat a job to learn a Skyline Beach social move. (Knuckle Up)

Beat a job to learn a Gasoline Row social move. (Suck Face)

Beat a job to learn a Central Station social move. (Bite)

Defeat Kiki Blunt. (With Mug)

Use a XAMShot on someone here for Cash Monet. (Babs Margarita)